FREE Web Manager Trial
A Trial Account includes Younicycle Basic Web Cruiser plan functionality with limitations as detailed below.
The Web Cruiser (basic model)
Includes all of the Web Manager's fully integrated tools, versatility & power.  You and your Team collaborate & build your Web Office.  Start today.
 $35 per month$360 per year - SAVE $60!
$1.50 per gig per month for Additional storage
30 Days, FREE.
Developers will be experts.  Guaranteed.
 $1,200 per year (Preferred Plan)$100 per month
Includes the Web Cruiser + 2 users + 40 hours of expert, Developer work which can include any development task that can be supported by the Web System.   The Annual Plan gets you up to speed in a hurry.
Annual plan: Hours tracked daily + weekly report.
Entire project always available for your review.
Multiple specialists as required; site design. queries, etc
Monthly plan can be downgraded to Basic model.
Monthly plan - max dev hours of 4 per month.
May include writing copy (text), metatags, etc
May include non-System work. Twitter design, etc.
Annual plan hours best used 'up front'.
2 registered users per account
1 GB monthly traffic
1 GB storage space
1 GB Max File Size upload
No domains and DNS support
No extra features
No Web Mail access
No Account backups
3 registered users per account
5 GB of Storage Space
20 GB Monthly traffic
1 GB Max File Size upload
100 domains, DNS support
Gmail, Docs, Picasa, Google Sync
Web Mail access
Account backups
Unlimited sites, images, Tables, queries, scripts, files, etc
The Web Cruiser 1200
Hours are for work (not vacation, holidays, sick, etc).
Your KnowledgeWorkers/devs participation encouraged.
May include multimedia (FLV, SWF, MP4, YouTube)
Annual plan can be downgraded to Basic after 1 year.
Annual plan can be enhanced (quote).
Try before you buy.
The Mini-Fleet (3 Web Cruisers minimum)
$2.50 for Each additional Registered User per month (multi-user also ok)
Try before you buy.
Upgrade to any of the other Plans from inside of your free Account.
$1.00 per gig per month for Additional traffic
A Discount is available for Resellers or in situations where intermingling of Departmental data is forbidden or for use as a valuable add-on for the services you provide for your own Customers.  
Contact Support for more detail.
A flexible Knowledge Base application, at no additional charge.