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Gyre Demo Explanation (Template & Web Page)
Print & online Template Demo GYRE
Active drawing tools include rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangles, bezier draw, image & datafield placement, text and all associated and typical properties.  This Tool is used to create Pdfs, HTML reports, SVGs, PNGs & GIFs.
The Template Print Design Tool, already the best on the Web, is being totally recoded.  
Note that the Demo does not allow you to Save - but does allow you to use the Tools and Properties palette.  You can view the page output by clicking the blue links - but must Launch the Demo to see the GYRE.
You really need to sign up for the Trial.  Themes are unavailable from this Demo, not to mention 99% of the rest of the Web Manager.
GYRE is an acronym for Graphical Younicycle Recorder & Editor.  It is written in ActionScript and records all placed or created objects in XML, which are then saved to your Account (a Schema in PostgreSQL).  The Demos below do not allow saving (Update) - but do allow 'playing'.  Thus it allows you to feel as though you are Editing, but any Edits are not saved.  Each demo Tool below is launched by clicking each of  the images.
Register for a free trial account.  30 days at no charge.  No credit card required.  You will be able to test the entire system, to include our unique set of PostgreSQL tools.
An online Template design Tool that is used to create pdfs and reports.  It uses the FlashPlayer, so no software is required. An online web page design Tool that is used to create web pages.  It uses the FlashPlayer, so no software is required.
The content within these no-login demos relates to the Videos and the recent experiments of Iama, a persistent Knowledge Worker who is in the midst of her Free Trial & learning more about the Web Manager.  Unlike the Free Trial Account, these demos are extremely limited and allow Read-only access to 2 of the many tools within the system.
The material in these 2 Demos is a small portion of what is covered in the Web System Videos.