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Web System
1- Android2- Blogger Data API3- Code for Educators4- Developer Events5- FeedBurner APIs6- GMail Atom Feeds7- Google Ajax APIs8- Google Ajax Feed API9- Google Ajax Search API10- Google Account Authentication11- Google AdSense API12- Google Adwords API13- Google Analytics14- Google Apps APIs15- Google Base Data API16- Google Calendar APIs and Tools17- Google Campfire One18- Google Chart API19- Google Checkpout API20- Google Code Search21- Google Code Search Data API22- Google Coupon Feeds23- Google Data APIs24- Google Desktop Gadget API25- Google Desktop Search API26- Google Documents List API27- Google Gadgets API
28- Google Gears API29- Google KML30- Google Mac Developer Playground31- Google Mapplets32- Google Maps API33- Google Mashup Editor34- Google News Feed35- Google Notebook Data API36- Google Safe Browsing APIs37- Google Search Appliance APIs38- Google Search History Feeds39- Google Sitemaps40- Google Sketchup Ruby API41- Google Spreadsheets Data API42- Google Talk XMPP43- Google Themes API44- Google Toolbar API45- Google Transit Feed Specification46- Google Web Toolkit47-Highly Open Participation Contest48- Open Source49- OpenSocial50- Orkut51- Picasa Web Albums Data API52- Project Hosting53- Summer of Code54- YouTube Data API
Those in Blue are integrated within the Web System's Platform.  If you have a need for this level of integration within a non-Younicycle Platform, contact us for a quote.  Google Account Authentication can open new vistas for your web app, including getting a listing in the Google Apps Marketplace.  We'd be happy to be included as a part of your Team.
In addition, we have significant experience with AWS, including EC2 and S3.
We've been 'there and done that'.  Use our experience to reduce your development costs.