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Web System
A Knowledge Base is a special kind of database for knowledge management. A knowledge base is an information repository that provides a means for information to be collected, organized, shared, searched and utilized. It can be either machine-readable or intended for human use. wikipedia
According to witnesses, Saint Thomas Aquinas remembered perfectly every word he ever read.  Today, Thomas would be stressed.
Part One of the challenge is to filter enormous amounts of information and decide what is relevant and important for your business.  
Part Two is being able to store, organize, search and share that information.
The Web Manager's built-in Tools include all of the elements necessary to build a hypertext Knowledge Base, a broad term that could be; a Documentation manual, an Employee Handbook, a Training Manual, Policies & Procedures Manual, an Emergency Plan, a Cookbook, a Customer Relationship Manual.  
We needed our own variant of a Knowledge Base, so one of our extremely capable Developers created the framework for a Knowledge Base Application which can be easily adapted to any specific topic. The necessary Private web pages, Tables, queries, scripts, buttons, js events, php actions, Editor and instructional video are all written and packaged as a Web System Software as a Service Solution.
A quick web search for an application with similar capabilities popped up ~ $400, plus more for 'add-ons'.
Our Knowledge Base Application is installed in each Web Cruiser Account Plan, at no charge.  You can use it, build on or expand as required.
Abbreviated functionality List:
- Includes fully Modifiable Application Design with GUI & WYSIWYG Editor- Edit TOC- Add, delete and reorganize Chapters, add / modify sub chapters (children)- Include attachments, images, youtube, mp3- Editor Notes- Role based access, full ACL- Import content- UTF 8 (multiple language capable)- Schedule publish- Auto publish to html- Highly Searchable with per page weight importance- Change Notification
Unlimited versatility.  Every element can be modified, to include design and automatic actions.  Can 'clone' for alternate usage, allowing multiple, vertical Knowledge Base apps.