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Web System
Server Level:Linux (Debian), Apache, PostgreSQL, Php, PdflIb + additional
The concept for the Web Manager began in 2001.  Programming began in 2003, so we have been up and running for longer than many of today's Web acronyms and overlapping terminologies.
Nearly all content you view on the web is at the 'Web, Public Level'.  Typically, there is a modest amount of allowed user interaction.  Beneath that layer are various server applications & processes which is the ordinary work area for Developers.  
First, the Web Manager has taken the Developer layer and partitioned it into it's own discrete work area.  Each Account allows access only for that specific 'box'.  In PostgreSQL terminology, this 'box' would be called a Schema.
Second, the Web Manager has built a set of custom web tools and user interfaces to allow Developers and non-Developers (Knowledge Workers) to work collaboratively within their box.
  - The result for Knowledge Workers is that they are able to work safely & effectively at a    much deeper level than the norm.  
  - Developers will also find that certain Tools streamline their own efforts.  Although a developer   could set up (example) his/her own CRON and Schedule manager, it would take time, effort    and testing.  Although he/she could set up a Print & Design Tool integrated with PdfLib, doing   so would take thousands of hours, not to mention a license key.
Third, our long and deep experience has helped us to determine that Data, Content, Cloud and Print Management Components are significantly more flexible & powerful when integrated - as opposed to isolated.  Print without Data is rigid & Data without Content less flexible, etc.
The Web Manager gives you understandable server access & control at a deeper level.  Small businesses & Departments of a larger entities will enhance their ability to compete, day one.
If you require even more flexibility, we can install the Web System on your own server.  There is no charge for the base System.  We charge $50 per hour for the install, with a simple installation requiring 4 - 6 hours.  Use this link do initiate discussion and a quote for installation services.
Installation on your own server should be your long term goal.
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