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The collections of the Library of Congress include more than 32 million cataloged books and other print materials in 470 languages; more than 61 million manuscripts; the largest rare book collection in North America, including the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, a Gutenberg Bible and more.  Its collection fills about 838 miles (1,349 km) of bookshelves.
Your own Social Security Card is printed as are Driver's Licenses, Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates and Last Will & Testaments.  The most important documents in and after our lives are printed.
Print when it's important.  Print when the historical and unchanging moment it represents is and will continue to be meaningful. Though the digital age has made the print of trivial documents wasteful, it has increased the impact and perceived value of documents that are printed.
When it's important, requires historical documentation or immutable & sustained impact, print.
The Web Manager allows you to 'prepare to print' + Soft Preview internal to the system, so you can get approval sign off and/or make additional requested edits before you hit that Print button.  You can create a SQL Table (see Data Management) and track the pre-print process, notes, approvals + document all edits (timestamp, editor, changes made, historical xml (unlimited) past versions.  Whatever you want to track, you can do.
The Web Manager generates XML for each prepared document which details the location and properties for all variable data + every word, font, point size, drawn object, color and image.  The xml can be lifted with a mouse-click so anyWorkers' Comp claim should be questioned. Our guarantee is that it is much lighter than a case of 11" x 17", 28 lb.
XML is a text file which can be shared with anyone, anywhere.  The xml file + an attached zip of all referenced images will allow anyone using the Web System (including a local, server version) to immediately instantiate the entire file.  
Even a 30- day test account could see and edit the file, without purchase of any desktop software.
The Web Manager creates a Soft Preview, with the option of creating a Pdf from directly within your Account.  The necessary pdf creation software is built-into the Web Manager, so you won't need to buy any software, at all.  Each pdf will load visually on-demand, within your account.  Simply click the pdf print button, point at your local office printer and watch your glorious design be brought to paper.  
If you do not want to print off your own equipment, you can use your preferred print shop and they can run the job.  In fact, you could add your local print guy as a User - and collaborate on the design of the document from within your Account.  Although Printers have their own preferred, desktop software (InDesign, Quark, etc), it's rare in today's environment for a Printer to decline work.  They also know that it's imperative for them to 'get to the Cloud'.
The Web Manager design team has a strong belief in the Power of Personalization since Day One, for Web and Print.
The Print Designer is automatically set up to incorporate various Parts (Page Headers, Footers, etc) along with designation of your Datasource, data fields + associated properties.  You won't need to buy a 'data-plug in', because it's built in.
The current, WYSIWYG Web Manager Print Designer includes Tool for drawing (including bezier), along with text, merging data fields, arranging and aligning objects, cut, copy, paste, Parts + create pdf.  Properties include alpha (transparency), size, stoke, fill, background, url, fonts, assign datasource and various sizing properties.
Nine years after it's initial development, it remains the best available Print Designer on the web (see live demo).  The next step is in progress.  See below for more detail.
Pdfs are created on the Web System's servers, not on your desktop, using a powerful server package created by the German firm PDFlib GmbH.  There is no additional charge for using this system online, but those that wish to have the Web System Server package installed on their own server hardware will need to buy a license key ($1,095 USD).  Note that Pdflib can be installed and used without a license key, but each pdf page will include a permanent watermark
Pdflib is Pdf X capable.  This specification allows the Web System to use a 'base pdf' as a static, referenced 'bottom layer' with a separate pdf as the top layer.  
A usage example: You have a one page pdf (an Insurance Enrollment form) and you would like to superimpose Employee data (1,000 employees) on top of the static pdf.  Your end goal is a 1,000 page, personalized pdf - but - you do not want to embed the static form into each page.  If you did, the pdf would be enormous.  Instead, you want the employee data pdf to reference the static pdf, allowing lightweight output.
The difference in file size could be beyond substantial.  1 meg vs 100 meg output would not be unusual.
The Print Designer includes the ability to add metadata.  Pdfs are indexed and searched by search engines so being able to add metadata to your pdfs can help web users find you and your message.  
Print Management, as with other components of the integrated Web System, allows and encourages the use of data, tables, queries, datasources and files.  Being able to use other components within the current component creates unlimited usage possibilities.  A personalized pdf and product brochure is but one example.  
'High-tech' marketing companies are just beginning to utilize the inherent Power of Personalization.  This power readily available within each Account.
A Chart Wizard and QR Code generator are included and used frequently as part of Print Management and creating pdfs.
The Chart Wizard is a separate module that can also create variable, data driven charts available for print or web.  The QR Code generator allows a user to designate different settings and can output a variety of image type, including eps.The Print Designer can be used for design of signage and QR Codes are beginning to sprout up in signs + print.
Of course, images can also be included in the Print Designer and the resulting pdf, including the use of hi-res (for print) and a mated lo-res for Soft Preview.
If you have followed and read through the Summary for each component, then you'll understand that repurposing data from web to print is a relatively simple task.  Follow a possible work-flow below:
Same as above, except the personalized pdf is returned to a User page after generation of the personalized pdf.  This can be especially useful in the Financial Services sector, particularly Insurances or Voluntary Retirement plans such as 401(k) or 403(b), though could also be useful in responding to Request for Proposal (RFP).  Your business may have its own specific usage possibilities.
A Print Management Solution can include many elements and become quite complex.  Installing your Print Solution within a different Web Manager account or server and rewriting link references 1 x 1 would be a cumbersome, time consuming task.  
Use the SaaS Manager to Package your entire solution with a few clicks and then install elsewhere with One-Click.
The Web Manager File System allows you to zip your set of files at any time.  After zip, you can backup to Google Drive or your desktop.  You can also use (a branch of the Younicycle Web System) to backup your zip to Amazon Storage.
The Print Designer is being overhauled, rewritten, enhanced.  If you have interest in testing the upcoming Beta version, please submit your name and email address via our Support Form + indicate your level of experience and interest.
Beta -Testers that fulfill testing requirements will receive a fully enabled, 6 month Web Cruiser account.
Although we have deep experience with data-driven Print software and technology, we are not 'Printers'.  If you own or are an employee of a print-shop and would like to be listed as a Print Partner, let us know via Support.  We do not have the equipment or staff level to fully support the demand we expect in 2013 and beyond.
If you think that Private, white label of The Web Manager could make sense, please contact us via support for further discussions.  In addition, we will entertain dialog with Investors between now and the final release of the updated Print Designer.
We believe the possibilities are significant, and then some.
Anyone can 'print online', but to Design for Print online is a much deeper and exacting process.  
The Web Manager began with & implemented online Print Design in 2003, using the best available technology.
We are about to raise the bar.
1) Create a web page (form) to collect web-user data2) Submitted data is inserted into a DS or Table3) The Table data is Queried according to your needs    A personalized message can be written in the query4) Variable data chart (if appropriate) is created based on the query5) The Print Designer is used to design a brochure.  The datasource is     selected and data fields merged or placed on the design art-board6) A trigger is written to auto create a pdf for this person on Insert7) A php script sends an email with the pdf attachment
or hundreds of variants
The above is a very abbreviated Summary of the basic functionality of the Print Manager the 4th component of the Integrated Web Manager System.
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