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Web System
A Web Office with Younicycle will cost $360 per year or about $0.99 a day.  
- You won't need to commute - You'll be able to work anytime and anywhere as long as you have a web connection.  - You won't need to buy a Server, server software or pay a Server administrator.  - You're most likely going to save money on desktop applications and licenses.- You'll be able to begin selling products and services online, almost immediately.
The Web System will help you 'level the playing field' against much larger competitors, in short order and for a pittance.
Below are a but a few, functional ideas but there definitely is no functional limit.We have no idea what you may need in your Web Office.  Only you can answer that question.
Abbreviated Summary
1) What should be here?2) Bulk email + RSS Editor3) Manage Products, Services4) Internal Knowledge Base5) Surveys, tests, training6) Employee Benefits & Comp7) Retirement Planning 1018) Muti-user data entry9) Variable data pdf/reports10) Complex query reports11) Live data charts12) Spreadsheets13) Documents14) SaaS Aggregator15) QR Code16) Private video & multimedia17) Day and night web-design