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Web System
Why choose the Web System?
We know that Younicycle is not the 'magic bullet' that will fit correctly for every need.  If your customer says; 
"This project must be done with Oracle <insert flavor>, not PostgreSQL", what are you to do, walk away?  Probably not.  Younicycle is LAPP + (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, Php.
Our view is that:
1) Budgets are and will remain tight.  The more a customer must spend on hardware or software, the less they will have available for Project Development.  So we provide low pricing.
2) Collaboration just makes sense.  This points back to #1.  We are finding that customers prefer to have an Expert do the initial setup, but want to be able to perform updates on their own.  These updates could include adding their own Content, tables, YouTube video, etc.  The Web System makes it possible.
3)  Innovation, without the price.  If you can demonstrate to customers - or prospective customers - that you have an innovative, affordable solution for their needs, they'll call you for their NEXT project, too.  When they do, you may find they also send you a referral from thier own business network.
4) Watch an Expert work.  There's a reason why most folks like to sit and watch a glassblower, a blacksmith, a cabinet maker or a Master Chef.   There is a fundamental human need to learn, to grow.  With the Web System, YOU will be the Expert artisan - and your customers will appreciate the opportunity to watch, learn.  You will earn their gratitude, their respect and loyalty.  Customer loyalty = Developer nirvana.
5) Bundle it up.  Use it again.You may create a Solution of 1,000 + objects with tables, queries, forms, site pages, charts, scripts & other files.  Click a couple of buttons and it is bundled.  Click a couple more - and it is installed for a different customer. Then further customize it for their specific needs. 
6) We believe we hit the 'sweet spot'.You're well aware that there are hundreds of thousands of 'projects' out there.  Culling through all would be a Herculean, if not impossible task.  So there may be a project out there that includes all of the Web System's versatility & all functionality with a better price.  We keep our eyes open - and so far - it has not materialized.  
7) Need even greater flexibility?  Inquire about a Web System server install.
8)  Interested in participating a Branch of the Younicycle Web System?  Go here to sign up:     Online Backup Service (spinbackup).  Automatically Backs up all things Google + more to     Amazon Cloud services.  Underscores the importance of integrating Google ID.